Secured over $3 million in federal funds for county waste treatment system improvements.

Secured $150,000 for sound stage improvements at local community center to attract major Hollywood movie tenant.

Secured $650,000 in federal funds to reclaim eroded residential lakefront lots.

Amended federal legislation to guarantee River Region funding in federal Lake Basin initiative.

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Secured $1.5 million in state and federal funs for public hospital improvements.

Successfully recruited meat processor to River Region resulting in the creation of 100 jobs and long-term tenant for the local port authority.

Secured warehouse space for the American Red Cross during hurricanes

Katrina and Rita, bringing over $1 million in lease income to the local port authority.

Secured investors for $250 million petroleum storage facility along the lower Mississippi River corridor.

Secured $750,000 in LADED funds for infrastructure improvements at a port facility for Louisiana-based start-up biofuels company.

Successfully positioned cellular technology client to participate in U.S.

Department of Transportation sponsored distracted driving summit in Washington, D.C.

Secured Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development demonstration program for cellular technology client.

Implemented state-wide grassroots campaign to defeat adverse federal policies on the fossil fuels industry.

Provided regional office relocation and land acquisition services for maritime client.

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